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I was a student and also worked at CEC.I was told my tuition was paid except for $500 dollars a quarter.

I was accused of plagiarism and the instructor said I would receive an"F" or had to drop. Keep in mind I was a instructor at in the CEC's schools. When I ask for documentation to back if the claim it could not be provided. I was 3 classes away from graduation.

I dropped the class and re-took the class with an "A"this time around. After completing my degree, they will not give me my diploma because now I have to pay for the class I dropped. I worked for their company and had tutition assistance. My colleague dropped a class and did not have to pay for the class.

This school is a rip off just like U of P.

2 years later and I still have not received my degree or transcript.

Maybe we can get a class action lawsuit started!!

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I was a student and got charged more money then what I was told the classes would cost, promised that they would help me find a job and all they did was help with my resume, me degrees are worthless and now I can't get the financial aid I need to go to a good school.

Florida, United States #1338169

I have contacted an attorney and I am waiting to hear back from their class action department.I will start a class action if I am able to and I would love to form a group.

I am tired of talking about it and doing nothing.

It has been 7 years for me with no degree and a huge debt to the dept of education.This has to be stopped.

Fond Du Lac, Wisconsin, United States #1291542

I have the same issue I took my last class with AIU and was told my G.P.A was below a 3.0 and I was a A-B student did not get my MBA but I am I debt for Thousands and I would like to file suit against AIU.


I went there 2014-2015. Requested withdrawal in October of 2015. They continued to bill me until February.


Why has there not been a class action lawsuit if so many people are having similar issues

to Anonymous Florida, United States #1338171

i am going to file a class action. I am waiting to hear back from my attorney and I will post updates soon.

Miami, Florida, United States #1150820

I agree with the class lawsuit!!! Contact me @ johnlerma11@yahoo.com

Mountain View, California, United States #1131316

I would like to join the class act lawsuit. I attended Aiu online in 2014. I withdrew from two of my classes and now they are telling me I owe 2500 on classes I did not take.

to Ash Brooklyn, New York, United States #1260899

i owe 9000 in total ive been paying off about 27000


I am a "graduate" of this school and I have not been considered for a single position that I applied for.I am a disabled veteran and went to the VA and talked to them about vocational rehabilitation and how much of my credits from AIU would transfer to a different degree or school and I was advised that little if anything I did at AIU despite earning 2 degrees would transfer and that some of my credits were given to me based on my military training and law enforcement training.

So basically I have $50,000 plus in student loan debt for two useless pieces of paper.I can be reached at shaunamy78@hotmail.com

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